Quinn Whissen

Hello there, it’s nice to e-meet you.

I’m Quinn Whissen and I’m happy you stopped by. I’m a freelance graphic designer and digital marketing consultant based in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m also a co-founder of This Could Be PHX, an urban awareness and community engagement group that promotes the growth of Downtown Phoenix. I’m a regular speaker at conferences and events, covering a range of topics in the digital marketing and urban advocacy realm.

A Little Background

I remember doing a mind map exercise once that was designed to help people find their natural “gifts.” Even though I thought the whole thing was pretty darn hokey at the time, what came out of it was illuminating. The little (yet really big) discovery I made has guided everything I’ve done in business and life since:

I am passionate

Whether that’s an idea for a new small business, a creative logo design, a grand digital marketing plan, or a more walkable city, nothing gets me as creatively juiced up as bringing an idea to life from a tiny little thought seed to the big bad wolf of a thing we call reality. People seem to think I’m pretty good at it too, so I’ve been humbled to work on interesting projects with great entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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Quinn Whissen

Kind Words

“Quinn is one of the most talented entrepreneurs that I have had the pleasure of working with. Not only is she a strong creative designer and writer, she is a passionate human who believes in and supports your business goals as if they were her own. Her patience and tireless positivity are like a breath of fresh air. Her ability to listen and translate seedling ideas into something great is nothing short of miraculous. I would highly recommend Quinn to anyone who needs a creative boost to their business.”

– Joelle, In the Grid and Alagen

What Makes Me Tick

These are a few of my favorite things… that fuel me both in my life and business.

Urban Living

I’m a true “city girl” with a love for urban exploring, shaded sidewalk cafes, bustling streets, and long bike rides with friends.


I’ve been a designer my whole life across many mediums. Creating visual languages is my jam. I also love bold color (can you tell?)!


I love teaching, speaking, and interacting with audiences. A degree in Theatre (and a flair for the dramatic) is finally coming in handy!


A big passion of mine is yoga – I practice often and sometimes teach to wee little ones (which includes a lot of games and animal noises).


I’m a content marketing nerd. I love staying on the edge of this evolving industry and teaching others how to transform their business.


I’ve fallen in love with Downtown Phoenix. The area is becoming an urban hub and I’m passionate about driving positive change.